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15th of March 2020
About the conference
Women Techmakers Kaliningrad is hosting a global event series to celebrate the 2020 International Women's Day.
This will be a day-long conference, geared towards increasing visibility, community and resources for women in technology.
The event will feature panel discussions with technology leaders, hands on workshops, networking opportunities and more.

9 speakers
our first online conference
We asked amazing women from different fields of tech to support our event and share their experience
Marina Kulikova
IT Business development director at BSL (Moscow)
During last 10 years Marina led the way from a testing specialist to a director of business development at the BSL IT company. She is engaged in organizing the work of the team, optimizing and automating tests, developing the competencies of employees and ensuring the quality of processes and products. She supervises the direction of development of production within the company, as well as partners.
Olga Khomutinnikova
Node.js developer at Leroy Merlin (Moscow)
Olga works at Leroy Merlin and she is really curious person. It was curiosity that prompted her way from logistics to IT sphere. From frontend to backend development. From introvert into speakership.
Anastasiya Borisyuk
Senior project manager at Action-MCFR (Moscow)
Anastasia has experience of 5 years in project management, business analysis and IT processes. Now she leads 2 development teams of 10 people each. She doesn't have tech background and it doesn't disturb her to do work well.
Natalia Semenova
Data scientist at Brlab
Natalia graduated from NSU in the field of "Fundamental and Applied Linguistics", received a master's degree at the Higher School of Economics under the program "Computer Linguistics". She likes to do tasks in the field of nlp and not only. She tries everything in practice: it does not always work out as intended, but basically it works. She trains models at night, and during the day writes code, sometimes articles.
Sasha Shynkevich
Full-stack Node.js Developer
Sasha is a full-stack Node.js Developer from Minsk, Belarus. Tech speaker, co-organizer of MinskCSS, MinskJS and CSS-Minsk-JS Conference
Maria Gnitetskaya
Frontend developer at Skyeng
Maria works in web development more than 6 years. Before that had and experience in design and illustration. Now she works as a frontend developer at Skyeng, writes code in Angular and likes high quality interfaces.
Kseniya Scherbinina
CEO, Let's rock
(Kaliningrad / Barnaul)
Kseniya runs successfully her own IT company although she doesn't have technical background. She has 11 years of leading web projects.
Maria Kochakova
Indie developer, founder of Narratorika
Maria is a game script writer, narrative designer and indie developer. She is founder of the online school of games script wrinting and narrative design "Narratorika". She worked in Mail.Ru, Social Quantum, Tesla Games. In 2015, she released the copyright game Message Quest on Steam.
Yulia Gorobets
General director at Balt Optim
During 14 years Yulia has gone from a quality controller on an assembly line to the general director of one of the production sites of INCOTEX ELECTRONICS GROUP holding, the largest Russian developer and manufacturer of unique radio-electronic products. In work, Yulia likes to automate processes, which helps to protect employees from mistakes and manage key company indicators. As a student by state of mind she always looks for new "tricks" that can be used both in work and in life.
Kristina Cheremushkina
Manager of Rezanium space
Kristina at the age of 24 became the chief editor of Klops.Ru, together with the team made the site as the most popular media in the region. She created and was editor-in-chief of Baltic Broadway, the first online magazine in Kaliningrad about positive changes. Since 2016, she participated in the construction of the sustainable work of one of the first art spaces in Kaliningrad, the Art Gates, and in the creation of the Telegraph public space. As a manager, she carried out a large international project to create an open-air museum and launched the Rezanium space.
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Talks and workshops
Yulia Gorobets (General director at Baltic Optim)
Marina Kulikova (IT Business development director at BSL)
Olga Khomutinnikova
(Node.js developer at Leroy Merlin)
Sasha Shynkevich
(Full-stack developer, CSS Minsk)
Anastasiya Borisyuk
(Senior project manager at Action-MCFR)
Natalia Semenova
(Data scientist at Brlab)
Maria Gnitetskaya
(Frontend developer at Skyeng)
Maria Kochakova
(Founder of Narratorika)
Kseniya Scherbinina
(CEO at Let's rock)
Business tools that changed my life
We all don't like those success stories that show us only bright side of somebody's achievement, we don't see any cases about the struggle, challenges and personal difficulties. But this keynote will be different - this is a true and uncovered story with honest examples and no sugar at all.
How is it possible to lead the way from quality controller on the assembly line to the CEO of radio electronics
Yulia will tell her story and give some tips

From testing to quality assurance: how to influence a product and grow in a profession
My talk will be useful to QA specialists and other team members who are rooting for the quality of the product and ready to bear responsibility for it.
Consider what a specialist needs to do in order to move from searching for bugs to quality assurance - including how to explain to a project manager why you need to involve QA already at the stage of formulating requirements and setting goals. We'll take a look at 7 principles of continuous development, and at the same time learn how to apply them to survive in Agile. And all this in half an hour
Foundations of Thought Leadership: Reframing Your Narrative
In this highly-interactive and energetic 2-hr workshop, we explore the source of credibility and how to establish it. We cover strategies for making a greater impact through your writing (and speaking) and the value of framing your message and yourself as part of a larger public conversation. Participants leave this session with a newly crafted professional bio.
Foundations of Thought Leadership: Reframing Your Narrative
In this highly-interactive and energetic 2-hr workshop, we explore the source of credibility and how to establish it. We cover strategies for making a greater impact through your writing (and speaking) and the value of framing your message and yourself as part of a larger public conversation. Participants leave this session with a newly crafted professional bio.
Why curiosity is the best soft skill
Requirements management in a bunch of projects
How to work with a business customer, when he has a million ideas, wants a plan for the year ahead and is inclined to resort every week so that development takes the "small" task out of turn.
We proposed a tool for working with features (business initiatives) to our business customers, which is a form of 7 questions. The talk is about problems we encountered, how they were decided, how they were implemented it in the holding, where 20 development teams were involved in product development.
The talk is useful not only for managers, but also for those who feel the pain of collecting and processing customer wishes. Perhaps it is our implementation story that will inspire you to act.
#IamRemarkable is a Google initiative empowering women and underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond
How to stop choosing frameworks and start living
Imagine that you are faced with the task of hanging a shelf. How will you solve it? You can immediately take up your favorite tool: a hammer and nails. If you are Senior MolotokJS Developer, you can hammer not only nails, but also screws. And you can set aside time to research whether you need a shelf at all.
So in the front end. The framework is just a tool. Like any tool, it has tasks for which it was created. In my report, I will share what you should rely on when choosing the right tool and how to stop spending business teams and money on this.
Sentiment analysis: what is, why and how?
You have created a product / service and want to know what your users think about it in order to improve or refine it. But if there are a lot of reviews, how to get the main thing out of them? Here the task of computer linguistics comes to the rescue - the analysis of tonality. Let us examine how to distill the meaning from the texts of reviews and evaluate their relationship to the object. Consider specific examples on real data.
Remote work: myths and reality
Maria on the example of her own experience will talk about why you should not be afraid of remote work, what are the pros and cons when you are switching to a remote work, and do stereotypes work. The report will be useful to those who want to try to work remotely, but still can not decide on it, as well as to all those who at least once thought what it is like to work remotely.
Bitrix is not a sentenсe
What is it like to be a developer who is coding on unpopular technology? Probably it is uncomfortable, especially when you face with neglect from the community.
And imagine what is it like to be the head of a company that relied on such technology? How to stay in the market, how to attract employees and how to make their life better?
Ksenia Shcherbinina, CEO of the Let's Rock, Barnaul studio will answer these questions and her story in IT in her talk "Bitrix is not a sentence"
Features of the screenwriter profession in the game development industry
The game development industry is one of the fastest growing in the world. The games are being improved, the stories in the games are being improved. The profession of "game writer" is becoming more and more in demand. What pitfalls await someone who wants to connect life with her? Where and how to learn how to play a screenwriter? How to find a job and take place professionally? We will consider these and many other questions in the report.
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