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About GDG Kaliningrad
Google Developer Group Kaliningrad is a community for people interested in IT.
Our goal is to create a culture and environment for the exchange of knowledge and the development of skills, what can significantly affect the number, strength and comfort of IT specialists in the Kaliningrad region.
We are the only ones in the region who regularly organize events for IT, available to everyone (DevFest and IWD conferences, meetups, workshops, hackathons, student career guidance)
All info about our events is here
How to become member of GDG Kaliningrad?
We don't have official membership. You become part of our community when you start to attend our events. But we have only one strict rule for participants - be tolerant to our Code of Conduct
I want to become a speaker at one of your events. What should I do?
We are always welcome to any iniciative. Here you can submit our СFP-form and also read our guideline for speakers.
Our company wants to become a partner of GDG events. How to do it?
Just write an e-mail to and we will make an appointment.
How to become a GDG leader and organize events with your team?
First of all read the info about Community Group program of Google. After that we will be happy to meet you and discuss your motivation and aims. We are open to new leaders and ready to share our experience.
GDG Kaliningrad Team
The smartest people work every day
to make local community better
Community lead
3,5 year in GDG Kaliningrad. Can tell a lot about organizing IT-events, trainings and etc
Works as a PR/DevRel at Panzerdog
Nikita works with speakers, provides workshops and codelabs, has an expertise in mobile app development, crossplatform, VUI. Works as a Go team lead at BuroBuro
Was the lead of GDG Petrozavodsk and then moved to Kaliningrad. Organizes events and makes SMM at SkyEng
Second year student at IKBFU (Applied mathematics and computer science)
Second year student at KSTU
You always can contact us
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